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Alan Stokes classically cool

Surf fashion for over 30s

Today’s young surfers wear super slim trousers, t-shirts with insulting slogans and redneck trucker caps. All fine if: you’re skinny, happy to be hated and want to look like a trucker’s love … Read More...

Surfer girls

Hannah Fraser Mermaid

Mermaids are real

No really, mermaids do exist! And if that’s not awesome enough, they’re helping save our oceans. An inspired few female professional freedivers have combined a passion for diving, modelling, art and ocean conservation, to become full time mermaids. Here’s an introduction to three of these amazing non-mythical creatures: Hannah Fraser Hannah Fraser’s talents include being […]

The ultimate surf tour vehicle

Real surfer girls on tour

Our favourite surfer girls Hannah Bristow and Dannie MacLegend are back. And this time they mean business, with: • a new Kelly Says video • an exclusive interview • top surf tips for Tenerife • an invite to tour Spain with Hannah So what are you waiting for? Read on… The new Kelly Says video […]

beach writing

The real surfer girls are back

Following the success of their cool Winter Tales in Newquay video, the real surfer girls are back with a scorching new Euro edition. This summer, Hannah Bristow and Dannie MacLegend, swapped their bobble hats for trucker caps and left freezing Fistral for solar heated Hossegor, because “Kelly Says… Go French”. For jelly-sweet surfing, comedy commentary, […]

Felicity Palmateer surfing

The Fabulous Felicity Palmateer

Felicity Palmateer is a pro surfer, talented artist and marine conservationist. An impressive string of job titles for a 22 year old, born and raised on the Wild West Coast of Australia. In today’s surf industry, it’s practically impossible to be a young blond attractive surfer without also being a ‘model’. So it’s a pleasant […]

coco ho mark mcmorris

Get to know Coco Ho

Professional surfing is in Coco Ho’s blood, but Coco says her family never pushed her into competing. Surfing has always been a choice, which is probably why Coco continues to love surfing and competing. It’s no exaggeration to say Coco comes from one of the most prestigious surfing families ever. Coco first took to the […]

Surfer boys

seventies surfboard quiver

My Sixties Surfer Dad

I never knew I had a Surfer Dad. I was born in Margate, a place known for cockles and made famous by Chas & Dave, not rideable waves. As a young train driver in London, my Dad read dogeared imports of Surfer, rather than Playboy. He let loose to The Beach Boys and The Rolling […]

chris jones gorse table top jump

Meet the truly amazing Chris Jones

Chris Jones is a surfer, mountain biker, skier, husband, father and an ex-soldier who was injured in service. The injury left Chris with 45% loss of mobility in his legs, PTSD and a life threatening brain condition. And yet Chris’s Twitter profile states a jaw dropping list of adrenaline kicks and achievements. Personally I struggle […]

kelly slater best surfer ever

Kelly Slater IS The Best Surfer Ever

It’s official, Kelly Slater is The Best Male Surfer Ever. Kelly claimed 50% of the votes in the prestigious Surfer Dad Best Male Surfer Ever Poll. Loveable legends Tom Curren and Gerry Lopez came joint second, and Laird Hamilton got towed in to third place. This will probably come as no surprise to you or […]

andy irons surfing

Who’s the best surfer ever?

Duke Kahanamoku once said ‘the best surfer is the one having the most fun’. However, when considering the best ever surfer can you really ignore Slater’s 11 world titles, Bradshaw’s legendary Log Cabin’s wave or Lopez’s Pipeline prowess? To help you decide who’s best, I’ve shortlisted below ten legendary surfers who regularly get labeled ‘the […]

Dave Rastovich portrait by Joni Sternbach

Being Dave Rastovich

Free surfer, team rider, eco warrior, sealife lover, organic grower, hippy Rasta – that’s how Dave Rastovich rolls. Being John Malkovich is a crazy film, being Dave Rastovich is real life crazy. Before I get down to the details of being Dave ‘Rasta’ Rastovich today, lets have a quick look at his life so far: […]

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father and son at beach

Father’s Day Gift inspiration

Most men “aren’t bothered” about Father’s Day gifts, so gathering intel on gift ideas can be a challenge. Socks, Lynx gift sets and giant Toblerone’s will get a smile. But if really want to impress your dad on his dedicated day, here’s some … Read More...

Alan Stokes classically cool

Surf fashion for over 30s

Today’s young surfers wear super slim trousers, t-shirts with insulting slogans and redneck trucker caps. All fine if: you’re skinny, happy to be hated and want to look like a trucker’s love child. Tragically uncool If you’re over 30, do not attempt … Read More...

sunset beach dubai

FACT: You can surf in Dubai!

It’s true. I actually surfed in Dubai and it was lush. Before leaving for Dubai, I casually kept an eye on the surf forecast. It was mostly flat with the occasional 0.5 to 1m blip. My expectations were low. Two days after I arrived a blip was forecast … Read More...

world surfing records

Surfing World Records

To ride the biggest wave is widely accepted as the ultimate world record in surfing. But few of us are blessed with the bravery that possesses Garrett McNamara. Fortunately this infographic depicts a few others that are within the grasp of us mere … Read More...

gisele bundchen chanel

Ban surfing on TV

I don't mean ban all attempts at hanging ten on your 42" flat screen television, that’s a worthy challenge. I mean ban all surfing from adverts and mainstream TV programmes. Why ban surfing on TV Surfing in adverts and mainstream TV misrepresent … Read More...

festival of surf

International Festival of Surf

International Festival of Surf: 19-22 March, Newquay from Approaching Lines. Woohoo, it’s bigger, it’s better and it’s back in Newquay. So here’s what you need to know: Event: Approaching Lines International Festival of Surf presented by Reef Date: … Read More...

I sunk your battle ship crew

WIN cool stuff from I Sunk Your Battleship

WIN a crew sweatshirt, beanie and stickers from the UK streetwear company: I Sunk Your Battleship. How To Enter To enter this fantastic Surfer Dad giveaway, all you have to do is: • View widget below • Login to Facebook or enter your email • Click … Read More...

Bruce Greif

Pier Rats Review

Pier Rats is now in my top 3 surf books ever, and I’ve read a lot of surf books. Pier Rats has been written for salty old sea dogs and teenage groms. It has the surfing insight and emotion of Breath by Tim Winton, but without the kinky sex. It … Read More...

lonely surf leper

5 New Year Resolutions for Surfers

At the start of each year we all say to ourselves ‘this year I will surf more’. But you need to be more specific to succeed. I’ve thought about my surf failings and have come up with the following New Year resolutions. Hopefully they can help you and me … Read More...

surf rider foundation and kelly slater

Surfing Charity Gifts at Christmas

Struggling for ideas about what to buy your favourite surfer this Christmas? Struggle no more. Surfing charities offer loads of Christmas gift ideas from t-shirts to teddy bears, or simple gift subscriptions. Buy your stocking fillers from one of these … Read More...