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duct tape surfing

Duct tape surfing

The International Ocean Film Festival is coming to a theatre near you.

The festival, which originates in Australia, will feature a selection of the world’s most captivating ocean-themed short films and will be shown in 17 towns and cities across the UK.

Designed to mesmerize, educate and enthrall; the International Ocean Film Festival showcases more than two hours of sensational footage taken above and below the water’s surface.

Each of the festival’s films conveys a deep respect and appreciation for the world’s oceans and the creatures that call them home. A selection of 2014 highlights include:

Duct tape surfing

Eighteen years ago, a car accident left Pascale Honore paralysed from the waist down. Fascinated by the ocean, Pascale dreamed of being able to surf. With the help of a roll of duct tape and with the support of her sons’ friend Tyron Swan, a big wave surfer and professional diver, Pascale’s dream eventually became a reality. Share in her joy.

And Then We Swam

In May 2010, two British friends set off to row across the Indian Ocean in a second hand boat. Having zero rowing experience, they signed up for an organised race – only to find that a lack of entrants meant that there would be no support boat. After 116 grueling days at sea, the duo was within 8km of the finishing line when disaster struck. An incredible story of adventure, foolhardiness and survival.

Sportlife Saga: Water

Follow world champion free-diver Guillaume Néry deep below the water’s surface as he transforms the sport of free-diving into an art. Now a world-record holder, Guillaume reaches depths of more than 100m and can stay below the surface for more than seven minutes at a time. His forays into the big blue will leave you breathless.

2014 UK Tour Dates

4 September – Truro, Hall for Cornwall
6 September – Porthcawl, Grand Pavilion
13 September – Whitley Bay, Playhouse
16 September – London, Conway Hall
17 September – London, Conway Hall
19 September – Brighton, Brighton Dome (Corn Exchange)
20 September – Llandudno, Venue Cymru (The Hall)
23 September – Portsmouth, Kings Theatre
24 September – Leeds, The Carriageworks
25 September – Edinburgh, The Queen’s Hall
27 September – Inverness, Eden Court (Empire Theatre)
01 October – Exeter, Corn Exchange
02 October – Bath, The Komedia
03 October – Poole, The Lighthouse
11 October – Bristol, Victoria Rooms (Bristol University)
17 October – Cambridge, Lady Mitchell Hall (Cambridge University)
28 October – Malvern, Forum Theatre
30 October – Birmingham, Crescent Theatre

For tickets and information, go to


Sharks and surfers are more likely to be foe than friend, but learn a little more about them and you might like them.

Shark Week aims to raise awareness and respect for sharks. In part this is done with a shark film-a-thon on the Discovery Channel, but here’s 10 interesting shark facts to whet your appetite:

shark week infographic

Infographic source: Avoca Water


sunset sons band

Cool surfer dudes, rockers and kitten lovers
Image source: Pinterest

The Sunset Sons are both surf fanatics and talented musicians, who’ve been rocking Europe’s surf community.

Now they’re hoping to make friends with more surfers and music lovers, on a new UK tour starting at the Boardmasters in Newquay, this weekend.

Refreshingly for a surf rock band, these guys actually surf. The band are based in Hossegor, they consist of 3 Brits and an Aussie, and get paid in surfboards (not 100% confirmed).

sunset sons polydor records

Sunset Sons getting first wage packet
Image source: Instagram

Sunset Sons have already tasted success:
• Signed to Polydor Records
• Le Surfing EP reached #6 in UK iTunes chart
• Zane Lowe branded them the ‘Next Hype’
• Played sold out gigs on the mountains and beaches of Europe
• Get regularly barreled on the beach breaks of Aquitaine

Their raw rock riffs and vocals, combined with fun surfer vibes, ensure you’ll be stomping your sandals to every track. Live sessions are essential if you enjoy a bit of crowd surfing; use of real surfboards are actively encouraged.

So catch them while you can at cosy venues across the UK, because soon they’ll only be playing giant stadiums and bonkers big festivals.

UK tour dates

If you can’t make any of the gigs, here’s a taste of their fine tunes:

For more info on Sunset Sons visit:
Twitter – @SunsetSons
Facebook –

Or buy the Sunset Sons EP on iTunes.


There is no official surfing law, but there is a good and a bad way to behave when out in the water.

If you take care of yourself, your equipment, your fellow surfers and the environment, I promise karma will reward you with good waves.

Rules of surfing infographic

Infographic source: Total Surfing Fitness


Brazil world cup flag

Hope for Brazil

…at surfing.

With Brazil’s football demi-gods crashing down to earth this week, it’s perhaps time for Brazil to recognise and revere their homegrown surfing deities.

For the first time in history, Brazil’s professional men and women surfers have a serious chance of becoming World Champions in 2014.

So people of Brazil, save your tears. Celebrate and cheer on your surfing super heroes:

Gabriel Medina

Gabriel Medina

Gabriel Medina learning to fly
Image source: ESPN

After 5 events in the 2014 WCT Gabriel Medina is ranked #1, having won the Quiksilver Gold Coast Pro and the Fiji Pro so far.

His unbelievable aerial acrobatics, ballsy barrel riding and latin flair means he’s tipped to be the first Brazilian to become ASP World Champion.

Gabriel Medina’s Bio:
• Born in Sao Paulo on 22 December 1993
• His hometown and break is Maresias, Sao paulo
• Started surfing aged 9
• Youngest surfer to ever win a WQS event (aged 15)
• Won ISA U18 World Title in 2010
• Joined the WCT mid-season in 2011
• Finished 12th on his WCT rookie year
• ASP break-through performer of the year 2011
• In 2012 he finished 7th on WCT

Adriana de Souza

adriano de souza

Adriano de Souza slotted
Image source: FCS

Consistent, fearless and ferociously ambitious. With 10 years of competitive surfing experience Adriana has learnt a lot, and believes he can still win the world title.

Currently poised in 6th place on the WCT leaderboard, Adriana has the wisdom and will to leap into the lead and claim the ultimate surfing title.

Adriana de Souza’s Bio
• Born in Sao Paulo on 13 February 1987
• Home break: Florianópolis
• Started surfing aged 8
• 2003 won Billabong ASP World Junior Championships
• Youngest ASP World Junior Champ (aged 16)
• 2005 won WQS tour by largest margin in history
• Qualified for the world tour 2006
• WCT top 10 for 5 years straight (2008-2012)
• 2011 appeared in film Blue Crush 2

Silvana Lima

silvana lima

Silvana Lima flying high
Image source: UB

Silvana is currently ranked #1 on the WQS tour, and has a successful surfing history. She’s respected and admired on tour for her aerial abilities and flawless tube riding.

She stands out from the crowd with pre surf capoeira displays and her gallery of tattoos (especially the giant bell to commemorate her win at Bells Beach in 2009).

Silvana Lima’s Bio
• Born in Ceara on 28 October 1984
• Home break: Rio de Janeiro
• Started surfing aged 12
• 2005 scored the first perfect 10 in ASP Women’s history
• 2006 qualified for WCT
• Finished 3rd in 2007, 2nd in 2008 & 2009 on WCT

And these are not the only Brazilian surfers worthy of worship.

Maya Gabeira is carving a new path in women’s big wave riding and Carlos Burle is 6th in the ASP Big Wave world tour. Not to mention the long list of longboarders ruling the waves.

So come on Brazil, you’ve still got plenty to shout and dance about.


surfer girls on tour

Hannah and Dannie – surfer girls on tour

Our favourite surfer girls Hannah Bristow and Dannie MacLegend are back.

And this time they mean business, with:
• a new Kelly Says video
• an exclusive interview
• top surf tips for Tenerife
• an invite to tour Spain with Hannah

So what are you waiting for? Read on…

The new Kelly Says video

An exclusive interview

So Hannah, you reached the semi finals of the English surfing nationals, so surfing no matter what must have paid off right?

Hannah: To be fair, the waves were really, really small so it was kind of what I’m used to now! I got lucky I guess!

Dannie: She’s talking out of her bottom. She surfed really well, it wasn’t a case of getting lucky at all! So I like to think it must have paid off.

Dannie has mastered the straight hander and Hannah now has a mean cutty, what’s the next trick to master?

Hannah: I’m trying some fins out turns off the lip or breaking section which is quite fun, I’m getting there (slowly!) and also working on my backhand because I’m a lazy goofy footer!

Dannie: Aside from pig-dogging in crazy 6ft shallow bazzas?! Haha, I’m just working on my cutties and hitting the lip, or as I like to call it “doing the top”.

Famous Hannah Bristow cutback

The Hannah Bristow cutty

How long have you been a Def Leppard fan?

Hannah: Since forever!!!!

Dannie: What is “saccharine”? Does anyone even know?!

Have you ever cut the legs off a starfish?

Dannie: NO WAY! I’m a vegetarian! Well actually I’m a pescatarian/vegaquarian (I eat fish), so I suppose I could technically eat a starfish/cut off their leg. But no I haven’t. I’m sure I saw that fact on a kids TV show though, so it must be true.

Hannah: No I haven’t because I’m not weird.

Dannie: Hannah, that could be insulting to people that have cut off starfish’s legs.

Hannah: Shut up.

Top surf tips for Tenerife?

surfing friends local

MacLegend making friends with the locals

What’s your top tip for surfing Tenerife?
Dannie: Take Hannah as a guide! Don’t go out to Linekers Bar, that place is detrimental to your surfing (and your general health)! But just go, it’s so awesome.

Hannah: Don’t annoy the locals, wear lots of sun cream and be prepared to surf the funnest waves of your life. The south in Las Americas is perfect all year long, there are 6 breaks next to each other and 4 work in the winter and 2/3 work in the summer so you never really have to leave the south. It is all reef but its mellow reef!

Your Spanish is impressive, any useful Surf Lingo for a Gringo?

Hannah: No me saltes la ola, tu madre es una cabra. (Don’t drop in on my wave, your mum is a goat).

VOY! (It means “I’m going” so you shout it when you take off so no one drops in on you down the line)

Dannie: Puedo ver tu culo…y es bonitoooo jajaja (I can see your bum…and it’s niiiiice hahaha)

Gnarliest moment in Tenerife?

Dannie: Dodging those bluebottle jellyfish (the little cretins HURT), oh yeah and Bristow’s head (I nearly ran her over when she was filming me surfing in the water).

Hannah: Telling Dannie it was pretty mellow the day the big swell hit and paddling out and losing both my contact lenses and just getting set after set on the head. Oh and when Dannie nearly ran me over when I was filming her in the water!

Surf tour with Hannah

The ultimate surf tour vehicle

The ultimate mobile surf palace

Hannah has started her own surf travel company We’re On Tour Travel, and wants you to surf tour with her.

We’re On Tour Travel have the ultimate mobile surf palaces, perfect for finding those surfing gems off the beaten track.

Here’s what Hannah (and Dannie) have to say about the new venture:

Why have you abandoned Blighty? Was the media attention too much for you?

Hannah: Well, Dannie went out for pizza in Newquay and messaged me to say some girls recognised her and asked if she was Dannie from Kelly Says so I thought I’d better get out of the country before fame got to my head.

Dannie: I’m still here, I just can’t get enough of fame, fortune and stag & hen parties!

Why Spain? Why Cadiz?

Hannah: In the winter it has such good waves with no one surfing. So we initially set up the surf tours there but we’ve been running a few in Portugal (which is only a 3/4hr drive away) and I fell in love with it.

So I decided to move all tours to Portugal after summer (September onwards) and we’re just updating the website now! It was just a lot more consistent with even more surf beaches. Also the flights to Faro are much cheaper for English people than they are to Spain, so everyone’s a winner!

Girls on surf tour

Surfer girls on tour

Is MacLegend On Tour with you?

Hannah: Technically she’s not but she’s always here having a free holiday….

Dannie: I’m the official “Tour Tester”. It’s an extremely challenging and rewarding position.

Are you always the chauffeur or can people drive the motorhomes themselves?

Hannah: Me and my staff generally drive the motorhomes to the spots etc but if people want a bash then they are more than welcome to have a go at driving them!

Where do you go at the end of the day? Do you sleep in the motorhomes?

Hannah: We either stay on the beach in the motorhomes or drive to a wild camping spot and camp on a cliff overlooking the beach to watch the sunset. The motorhomes have been modified and are pretty awesome! They have a fully functioning bathroom with shower, bunk beds at the back and a double bed at the front and a kitchen/living area as well.

The beds are always made up as the living area is separate, so there’s absolutely no hassle! It’s like a cool apartment on wheels.

Dannie: It’s so awesome, and if you’re parked on a surf spot you can beat all the lazybones crowds down for a lovely dawny!

Has anyone drowned their sorrows on the booze back guarantee yet?

Hannah: Nope! We have a 100% success rate….so Dannie keeps asking if she can have all the free beer.

Dannie: When have I ever asked?!! (I just do it anyway :))

motorhome surf tour sunset

Dannie and Hannah drive off into the sunset

For more surf tour info visit We’re On Tour Travel.

For more adventures from Dannie and Hannah visit Kelly Says Surf.


Every Friday, as the sun rises over the beaches of Sydney, flouro clad surfers emerge from the grey streets and illuminate the waves of Bondi and Manly.

“Hurray, an eighties zombie surf movie” I hear you shout, but no. It’s just another Flouro Friday.

Flouro Friday was the inspiration of Grant Trebilco, founder of the One Wave project. Grant is bi-polar and knows more than most that ‘one wave is all it takes’.

So each Friday, Grant and his friends put on their favourite flouro gear and go surfing to raise mental health awareness:

Flouro Friday register

Flouro Friday register
Image source: Ryan Osland/The Herald

Flouro Friday vibe

Feeling the Flouro Friday vibe
Image source: Le Sunshine

flouro party wave

Party wave
Image source: Empire Ave

flouro friday sunshine

Even the sun joins in
Image source: Le Sunshine

safety flouro

Surfing safe
Image source: Tynan Holmes

flouro friday sun lit surf

It’s gonna be a bright sun shiny day
Image source: Le Sunshine

fancy flouro surfer

Less flouro, more fancy, same spirit
Image source: Ryan Osland/The Herald

Flouro Friday - surfing swan

Sunshine on a cloudy day
Image source: Sprout Daily

For more information about Flouro Friday and the One Wave project visit:


surfing equipment beginner

It’s about more than just looking good
Image source: Wisegeek

As the summer fast approaches, you may be considering taking up surfing. Or perhaps you are an experienced surfer, looking to revamp your surfing equipment and clothing.

Here are some ideas to inspire a surfing shopping spree, and to set you up for a summer of surfing.


paul fisher dick surfboard

Surfboards come in all shapes and sizes
Image source: Surfers Village

The most important piece of equipment is your surfboard. It is also the most personal purchase that you will make.

While the size of surfboard will be largely determined by your weight, size, experience level, and surf fitness, there are other important questions that you need to ask yourself. How often will you use the board? Where will you be surfing, what will the conditions be like and what sort of waves will you be riding? Do you want to improve, or are you just interested in surfing for fun?

Boards for beginners normally have a good combination of volume, length and width. Generally bigger boards are better for learning, but bigger doesn’t always relate to length. The volume will increase buoyancy and make it easier to catch waves, while a wide board will be more stable, and easier to paddle. Soft boards and pop-outs are particularly suitable for complete novices.

Surfers have a reputation for being a little bit eccentric, and surfboards often reflect their personality. Get yourself noticed with a whacky surfboard like Paul Fisher’s ‘Dick Surfboard‘ (the clue is in the name), or blend in with a more standard white board.

Board shorts

fellow board shorts

Classic board shorts
Image source: Fellow

You won’t look at home on the beach unless you’ve got yourself a cool pair of ‘boardies’. Again these come in all shapes and designs.

Many designs use vibrant colour, distinctive images including Hawaiian floral patterns, and highlighted stitching. Tailored board shorts are a versatile choice, from chilling out at a beach restaurant to hanging with your homies post surf. Tailored shorts like those pictured above from Fellow are timeless classics. For additional comfort while surfing, choose seamless shorts or shorts with synthetic stitching.


old wetsuits

Vintage shortie wetsuits
Image source: Vintage Surfboard Collector

Of course, if you’re more than a fair weather surfer, you’ll need to consider a wetsuit. This is a much bigger outlay than just shorts, and will require some greater consideration.

The most important factor is that it fits properly, otherwise even the most expensive wetsuit will leave you rubbed raw. Wetsuits come in full (with full length legs and arms), convertible (full length legs and detachable arms) and shortie (short arms and legs) designs.

Other surf accessories

surf accessories

Get kitted up
Image source: Ocean Beach Surf & Skate

While your shorts and your board are all that you really need to get started, there are a few other pieces of equipment which will help you on your way.

Boots, hoods and gloves will be required for cold water surfing, surf wax and surfboard traction pads will help you stay on, and a surfboard leash or leg rope will ensure that you don’t become detached from your beloved surfboard. A keypod key safe will protect your car keys while on the water, and a lockjaw surfboard lock will help secure your board when not in use.

And of course, don’t forget the sun cream.


young kid surfing

Image source: The Post Social
Never too young to surf

I’ve been looking around for my daughter’s first surfboard and there’s very little advice on buying surfboards for kids.

With 20 years surf experience and hours of internet research, here’s a handy summary:

Choosing a surfboard for your kid
Age Board suggestion Pros Cons Cost
0-6 Body board Soft & no fins Hard to stand up & it ain't a surfboard £10 – £40
6-12 Small softboard Soft. Blunt flexible fins. Easy to catch waves. No wax required Difficult to turn. Short lifespan £70 – £300
13-16 Softboard Mini-mal Fish Too much choice. Kid will choose on appearance. Softboard – quickly out grow. Mini-mal – tough to turn. Fish – unstable. £150 – £500

Under 6’s

If your child is under six there’s little point in buying them a proper surfboard, as they won’t be able to carry it to the shoreline and it‘ll be unwieldy in the water.

So be patient, buy them a bodyboard to play with in the shorebreak or rock pools. There’s nothing on a bodyboard that will hurt them either. However my daughter did almost strangle herself on the leash after a nasty wipeout, so always beware.

Pre teens

When your child is taller and used to waves, get a small softboard (also known as a foamy). I say small, because it helps if your child can carry it and control it in the water.

The main advantage of softboards is in the name, they’re soft!. So they’re unlikely to hurt your child. The fins are rubbery so shouldn’t cause more than a bruise. If you rush things and start with a shortboard or bigger foamy, your child could get scared or hurt by the board once in the water.


If your kid is keen, you could progress from softboard to proper surfboard in a summer. But it’s important not to rush things and go get a custom board made. Buoyancy and stability are still important.

A fish or mini-mal will make a good beginner board, as they make catching waves easy, turn easier than a softboard and perhaps more importantly for a teenager – they look cool.

When your heir is ripping with the rest of the them, it’s time to save up for best birthday present they’ll ever have. Their first full-on surfboard.

Buying a kids surfboard

Having had a good look around online for kids surfboards, I think BoardShop probably have the best range in the U.K.

In the U.S. you’ll struggle to beat RTD Kids for their amazing range of children’s surfboards. I wish they had a U.K. distributor.

As always check out your local surf shop, if you don’t use them we’ll lose them.

If you have any top tips for buying a kids surfboard please add a comment below.