International Festival of Surf

International Festival of Surf: 19-22 March, Newquay from Approaching Lines.

Woohoo, it’s bigger, it’s better and it’s back in Newquay. So here’s what you need to know:

Event: Approaching Lines International Festival of Surf presented by Reef
Date: Thursday 19th March to Sunday 22nd March 2015
Location: Lighthouse Cinema, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1AA
What’s On: The very best surf films from across the globe

UPDATE: Full line up added below.

I promise I will update this post with the actual film titles when they are announced later this week. However, the organisers boldly promise the hand picked line up will “inspire, enlighten and entertain, while redefining the parameters of possibility”. I’m frothing already.

The surf films will be screened at Newquay’s state of the art Lighthouse Cinema, and accompanied by inspiring talks from filmmakers and notable waveriders. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a showcase of the most relevant artists, artisans, makers, doers and photographers from the British wave riding scene.

Festival Director Chris Nelson waxed lyrical about this years offering:

“We’ve worked with filmmakers from award-winning international directors to homegrown talents to curate a programme of the year’s most exciting movies. The line up combines stunning cinematography, cutting edge performance, inspiring documentaries and travelogues, taking you on a wave riding journey through a range of perspectives that will stoke the fires for the season ahead.”

“For many of the films this will be the only chance to see them on the big screen in the southwest, watched as they were intended to be seen, surrounded by an enthusiastic and amped crew.”

This year’s event includes a one day single fin surf contest. “The emphasis will be on style and generating good vibes, good rides and good times!” says Chris Nelson.

So for 19 – 22 March 2015 write on your calendar “going to watch surf films in Newquay”.

The Full Line Up

Tickets are only £5 available via the Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay:
Go online:
Or call the Box Office: 01637 878650 / 0871 2003304.

A limited number of evening passes are available for £8 and include entry to all the movies on your night of choice plus a complimentary beer from Sharps Brewery. (18 and over).




SESSION 2 at 8.55PM

• NORTH TO NOOSA, Dir. Dustin Humphrey, Aus. UK PREMIERE



• LAST SUMMERS JUNK Dir. Dir. John Eldridge / Tom German, UK. WORLD PREMIERE

SESSION 2 at 8.30PM
With Director Q&A with Kai Neville


SESSION 1 at 5.30PM

Q&A with Producer / Editor Isabel Freeman
Q&A with Director Tim Davies plus Alan Stokes

SESSION 3 at 9pm
• TIERRA DE PATAGONES, Dir. Joaquin and Julian Azulay, Arg. SOUTHWEST PREMIERE

AFTER PARTY at 10.30pm
Upstairs Downstairs Vinyl Collective DJ’s

Sunday 22nd March

12 of the UK’s best surfers face off on single fins at the iconic Fistral Beach, Newquay.

For more details, visit the Approaching Lines website.

Festival of surf films

Festival of surf films

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Pier Rats Review

Pier Rats Bruce GreifPier Rats is now in my top 3 surf books ever, and I’ve read a lot of surf books.

Pier Rats has been written for salty old sea dogs and teenage groms.

It has the surfing insight and emotion of Breath by Tim Winton, but without the kinky sex.

It contains the adventure and thrill of a Kem Nunn novel, but without the dark adult edge.

However, it’s not candy coated for kids. So beware, the contents of this book are physically, socially and criminally hazardous.

Pier Rats – The Story

Lead Character: Lance Stratton, aged 13
Mission: To become a surfer
Location: Ventura, California
Era: Early 1970s

In addition to Lance there’s all the surf scene characters you’d hope for. The local guru and surf shop owner, the local groms aka The Pier Rats, moms, dads and a few hobos thrown in to spice things up.

Pier Rats is action packed. There’s fights with ‘southers’, criminal acts to fund new surf gear and ‘yogi bearing’ for surf trip sustenance.

It’s full of surfing insights including saving for your first surfboard, surf gang initiations and adrenaline addiction.

There’s also plenty of historical snapshots from beavertail wetsuits to losing your leash less board on wipeouts.

For me, it prompted many recollections of youth. The transition of friends, from those who don’t surf to those who do. Wanting to be part of the surf gang and trying to impress your social peers. And of course, chasing girls.

Pier Rats really does have something for all surfers and I highly recommend you read it.

Still not convinced you should buy the book?

Would it help if I told you the author is a really nice guy who really is a surfer?

Well it’s true. Bruce even took the time to answer a few questions.

Bruce Greif interview

Bruce Greif

Bruce Greif

How much of Pier Rats is based on your own experience, and are you Lance?

Yes, the story is loosely based on my own experiences and Lance would be me. It’s like they say, “All fiction is largely autobiographical, and much of autobiography is fiction.”

Lance’s friends started as composites of guys I knew, but as the story developed they took on their own identities, and after a while they were making their own decisions, even Lance. Those guys became my friends, I would itch to get back to the computer, I always felt like they were waiting for me to come get ‘em and go to the beach.

It’s kind of like I got to live that part of my life twice, and both times were fun as hell.

What surfing words of wisdom would you give your teenage self?

Wake up kid and look at all the chicks! Ha, just kidding. Boy, that’s tough. My first thought would be try harder in school, don’t be so reckless. And work harder to have better equipment. In those days everybody had just one board, so when the waves got big we’d be under gunned, spinning out, and getting pitched.

What inspired you to write the book?

I always knew I’d write a book, even if no one read it. I started thinking about it after I took a literature class in Community College. I just loved how worlds could be created out of words, so I started writing every day about anything. I filled stacks of spiral notebooks with words. But when I opened a record store in the early 1990’s, I didn’t
write anything for years.

After closing the store I found myself at a corporate desk job, and I decided to start writing again, and this time make a real attempt at a story. So, like the old adage says, write what you know. So, I did. I took a novel writing class at night and once I got a knack for dialogue it really got fun.

Do you have another book in the pipeline?

Yeah, I have a few scenes written for the sequel, I’ve got other ideas too, but I’m back to working full time. I forgot to tell you, I got laid off from that corporate job and for a year worked part time while I finished the book, much to my wife’s dismay. So, I’ve been working a lot trying to help get us financially stable again. But, yeah, I’m working on it.

Thanks Bruce, we wish you many days of rideable waves in Oregon. Like these:

Surfing Seaside Cove Oregon

Winter waves in Oregon

Almost forgot to say: you can buy Pier Rats from Amazon and other good book retailers.

5 New Year Resolutions for Surfers

At the start of each year we all say to ourselves ‘this year I will surf more’. But you need to be more specific to succeed.

I’ve thought about my surf failings and have come up with the following New Year resolutions.

Hopefully they can help you and me be a better surfer, in and out of the water.

1. Surf at least 52 times in 2015

surf wagon new year

Surf more in 2015
Image source: Tardzinger

Think you could surf once a week, on average, for the whole of 2015? It’s harder than you think, especially if like me you’re not young, kid free or single.

My mate Matt sets himself this challenge each year. He lives 3 miles from the waves, works flexi-time and has an understanding partner, but he’s 40ish and has 2 young kids. Each year he only just squeezes in 52 sessions before the year ends.

Think about it. In Britain, 2 months of winter will be blown out and 6 weeks in summer will be flat. Then there’s trips to see landlocked relatives, the occasional city break and weddings. That means you’ll need to surf at least twice a week, in the 7 surfable months remaining.

Up for it? Go get yourself a notebook and make a note of each surf. There are also handy apps that will do the job like Johnny on the Spot. Or go wild and get a wave stamp, each time you surf, stamp the car. Like fighter pilots used to do.

2. Buy your own surf wax

sex wax

Stop wax theft today!
Image source: Sex Wax

There’s no such thing as ‘team wax’, there’s just surfers who buy wax and surfers who steal wax.

Ok ‘steal’ might be a bit strong but when’s the last time you bought a block of wax? I bet you use other people’s wax more than your own. I certainly do and can’t remember when I last bought a block (maybe a year ago).

The point is a block of wax is probably the cheapest surf accessory you can buy. It’s good to keep your wax job fresh and it’s good to give, not just take. So get down to your local surf shop and buy a block of your favourite smelling surf wax. Strip your board naked and give it a good rub down.

I promise you, your board and your fellow surfers will feel better afterwards.

3. Put away your rusty sheriffs badge

robies robe towel

Cover up
Image source: Robies robes

Chocolate starfish, winking brown eye and rusty sheriff badge. Whatever you call your sphincter, it shouldn’t be on show at your local family surf spot. You’ll scare the kids, give a senior citizen palpitations and if nothing else – I suspect it’s illegal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favour of nudity and have myself been a serial flasher when changing in and out of my wetty. But I’m now of an age where I think more about the consequences of my actions. That and I have one of those hoody towels I said I’d never be seen dead in.

You might be very proud of your buns of steel, and consider it a generous act to offer a free public display. But believe me when I say ‘only perverts (and possibly your partner) want to see your hairy arse’. So next time you’re changing in the car park, cliff or beach – cover up please.

4. Phone a friend pre-surf

lonely surf leper

Don’t be a lonely surf leper
Image source: Island Getaways Travel

Don’t be shellfish, phone a friend next time you go for surf. Sure, solo surfs are important for clearing the mind and soothing the soul. But there’s nothing like laughing your arse off when your mate gets sucked over the falls, or receiving a nod of recognition as you glide off the shoulder from your wave of the day.

It’s easy to assume your mates can’t make it to the beach when you can. It’s difficult to grab a phone when an unexpected surf opportunity arises. But if you don’t make the effort you’ll become a lonely surf leper. At least send a text letting potential surf buddies know where you’re going.

You’ll be surprised. I reckon one of my mates turns up at least 50% of the time. That might not sound like a lot, but it means I get to share waves and laugh with my friends twice as much.

5. Make time for post surf sessions

post surf hangout with duke

Hanging out with the Duke
Image source: US National library of medicine

Next time you go for a surf with a friend, grab a post surf pint. They not only taste better but you get to verbally dissect your surf. At least hangout for a little while and shoot the breeze. Let’s face it no one else will care what the waves were like, or appreciate that late drop you narrowly survived. So chat about it while you can.

It’s all too easy to jump straight in the car and race home to complete another chore. Even if you’re on your own, take time to savour the waves, bask in the last sun rays off the day and gaze at the awe inspiring ocean. Just an extra 30 minutes can make your surf much more memorable.

As you get older and life’s demands start stacking up, a ‘splash and dash’ soon becomes the norm. So make time for post surf sessions.

If you’ve got a New Years surfing resolution that’s not mentioned above, please let me know in the comments below. Cheers.

Surfing Charity Gifts at Christmas

Struggling for ideas about what to buy your favourite surfer this Christmas? Struggle no more.

Surfing charities offer loads of Christmas gift ideas from t-shirts to teddy bears, or simple gift subscriptions.

Buy your stocking fillers from one of these awesome organisations, and help people and places in need:

Surfrider Foundation

surf rider foundation and kelly slater

Kelly Slater and plastic bag man

Born on Malibu beach, 30 years ago by a bunch of surfers. They were worried about the escalating environmental and health risks caused by continual coastal development. So they took action.

Surfrider Foundation is one of the largest non-profit grassroots organisations working to protect our oceans, waves and beaches. With over 250,000 supporters in the U.S.A alone, they have the power to protect.

The Surfrider Foundation store offer a great range of goodies including beanies, socks, beach towels, jackets, t-shirts and of course gift subscriptions. All members also get 20% discount at

Save The Waves Coalition

save the waves

Protect where you love

Save The Waves Coalition is a non profit organisation focused exclusively on protecting surf spots and their surrounding environments from pollution and excessive development. They proactively protect coastlines through a combination of education, research and documentaries.

Save The Wave’s team of devoted scientists, surfers and activists are committed to help everyone realise the economic and social value of our precious coast. Too many waves and wonderful coastlines have been damaged beyond repair in the name of ‘development’. Lets not let another legendary surf spot fade into folklore.

You can support Save the Waves by buying a t-shirt, sticker or film this Christmas. Or give a gift membership for that gift that keeps on giving.

Surf Aid


Indo Groms benefitting from Surf Aid of another kind

In 1999, physician, surfer and SurfAid founder Dr Dave Jenkins went on a surf charter to the Mentawai Islands with one goal in mind – to find perfect waves. What he discovered changed his life …

Thanks to Dr Dave’s friends and fellow surfers, SurfAid is now an international development organisation dedicated to enriching lives, increasing people’s choices and helping them realise their potential.

SurfAid contributes to the efforts of remote communities in Indonesia. They nurture positive change, and ensure local ownership, so changes can be sustained well beyond the life of the project.

Help SurfAid improve the quality of life for those who suffer in our surf paradise. Buy a t-shirt, cap or simply contribute some cash.

Surfers Against Sewage

surfers against sewage

Not just about sewage

The clue to this charity’s mission is in the name ‘Surfers Against Sewage’. It all began when a bunch of Cornish surfers got fed up with raw sewage being pumped into the sea at their favourite surf spots. Fourteen years of campaigning later and the UK’s bathing water standards have improved significantly.

But sewage is still being pumped out with alarming regularity from combined sewer overflows. The amount of marine litter washed on to UK beaches has doubled in the last 15 years, this environmental crisis alone shows the urgent need for SAS’s ongoing work.

So help Surfers Against Sewage continue protecting the oceans, waves and beaches for all to enjoy safely and sustainably. Give a special Protect Our Waves (POW) Guardian gift membership which includes a free POW t-shirt. Or shop at the SAS Eco surf shop online for a range of gifts for surfer girls, boys and groms.

The Wave Project

The Wave Project

A wave a day…

The Wave Project began in 2010, when the NHS Trust in Cornwall funded a six-week pilot scheme to examine the benefits of surfing on the emotional health of young people.

The results of the pilot showed that going surfing once a week helped participants feel more confident, improved their outlook and gave them a sense of fun.

The Wave Project uses local surfers to help young people reduce anxiety and improve their emotional health. New projects have been set up all over the UK, including in Wales, Scotland and even inner-city London!

So help get more vulnerable young people surfing, so they can lead a more positive and happier life. Go Christmas shopping at The Wave Project and stuff someone’s stocking with t-shirts and teddy bears. Or simply donate a few pennies.

I’ve tried to find a variety of surfing charities that serve surfers and good causes across the globe. Also surf charities that make it easy and rewarding to contribute by offering a range of gifts and gift subscriptions.

However, if you know of a great surf charity that isn’t mentioned above, please let me know more in the comments below. Happy Christmas.

Mermaids are real

No really, mermaids do exist! And if that’s not awesome enough, they’re helping save our oceans.

An inspired few female professional freedivers have combined a passion for diving, modelling, art and ocean conservation, to become full time mermaids.

Here’s an introduction to three of these amazing non-mythical creatures:

Hannah Fraser

Hannah Fraser Mermaid

Hannah ‘Mermaid’ Fraser
Image source: Facebook

Hannah Fraser’s talents include being a:
• mermaid
• ocean activist
• freediver
• scuba diver
• model
• movie star
• photographer
• artist

Hannah began drawing mermaids aged 3, and grew her first tail when she was 9. Well I say she ‘grew’ her first tail, it was more a determined design project involving lots of orange plastic.

Through a combination of constantly swimming, modelling, and being artistic, her three passions became one – being a professional mermaid. Now Hannah the Mermaid appears in surf movies, music videos, charity projects, company advertisements, magazine articles and more.

Not only does Hannah donate a percentage of her earnings to ocean charities, she has worked tirelessly with Surfers for Cetaceans to help end the needless slaughter and capture of whales and dolphins.

Find out more on Hannah Fraser’s website.

Linden Wolbert

Linden Wolbert mermaid

Linden Wolbert – Professional mermaid
Image source: Facebook

Linden Wolbert’s talents include being a:
• mermaid
• underwater model
• freediver
• science geek
• videographer
• educator
• ocean advocate

Besides being beautiful and having a degree in Film and Science, Linden can hold her breath underwater for 5 minutes. A useful set of talents when you’re a professional underwater mermaid.

In addition to her commercial work with business promotions, movies and kids parties, Linden has created a series of ‘Mermaid Minute’ videos.

Her mission is to educate and encourage others especially children, to experience and explore the oceans and become aquatic ambassadors.

Linden believes that “once a child (or adult!) sees aquatic creatures in their natural habitat, they have a profound appreciation for conserving them.”

Watch Linden’s mermaid minute videos here, or visit her site Mermaids in Motion.

Mermaid Melissa

mermaid melissa

Mermaid Melissa
Image source: Facebook

Mermaid Melissa’s talents include being a:
• mermaid
• freediver
• model
• actress
• ocean conservationist
• surfer

Mermaid Melissa claims to be the only woman in the world legally named ‘Mermaid’. Melissa officially changed her name to mermaid, as a daily reminder of the life-long process to learn, evolve, and be willing adapt for the sake of conserving our blue planet.

Despite being a big fan of films like Splash and The Little Mermaid, being a mermaid has not been a lifelong pursuit. Although it has been a natural result of a lifetime’s events.

As a young surfer girl in Florida, Melissa dreamt of a aquatic career. Through a series of jobs at Disney and Universal Studios, she progressed from cage cleaner to movie star.

After many movies working with her trained animals, Melissa returned to Florida to complete her PADI course and become a professional freediver. At the age of 12, Melissa could hold her breath for two and a half minutes, and at her freediving peak could hold her breath underwater for 5 minutes.

Now Melissa has combined her talents and performs with her licensed Mermaid Entertainment Aquatic Company, including trained professional mermaids, mermen, and pirates. Besides putting on a spectacular show they are on a mission to “help save the oceans before all creatures become mythical”.

Find out more or hire Mermaid Melissa here.

WIN a Longsands hoody and t-shirt

Longsands clothing

WIN quality clothing from Longsands

Tis the season to be jolly, and in that spirit of giving Longsands Clothing Co are giving Surfer Dad fans a chance to win a chunky hoody and stylish t-shirt.

How to enter

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1 x Longsands Chunky Hoody

Longsands Hoody
Ultra cosy and super soft, the chunky Longsands Clothing Co pullover hoody is perfect for keeping your noggin warm after winter surfs.

With an exclusive Longsands design and top quality materials, these hoodies look great and protect you from even the harshest of UK winter winds.

1 x Longsands Cross Logo Tee

Longsands Tshirt
A simple but classy design, matched with soft pre-shrunk cotton make this the perfect t-shirt to slip on in summer or layer up beneath you hoody in winter.

The product of a no-nonsense North East England surf scene.

More about Longsands Clothing Company

Longsands have their home in Tynemouth, North East England. The land of cold crashing waves, chilling bitter winds and hard honest living.

Longsands Clothing Co. was created to bring the soul back to surf clothing and apparel. I think their range of simple, quality and practical clothing achieves this goal.

Find out more by visiting Longsands Clothing online or visiting the Longsands store at The Land of Green Ginger Shopping Arcade in Tynemouth.

Father. Surfer. Writer

I’m a father, surfer and writer.

Online and in life each role competes for my attention, and I can’t please all the roles all the time.

Fortunately, I’ve been writing for two fantastic sites that have allowed me to focus on surfing and fatherhood separately:

1. For Fathers Project

Surfer Dad and daughter in NZ

Me trying to be a better parent

For FATHERS project is based in Brooklyn, New York and it’s on a mission to make fathers take the initiative to be better parents.

It celebrates the importance of fatherhood through photography, film, and other creative artistic mediums. The project attracts active fathers, young professionals, stay at home dads and all men around the world looking for daily inspiration.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed for this inspirational project, and you can read my words here.

2. Mpora

jewish surfer

Could surfing be a religion?
Image source: Mpora

MPORA are the company behind action sports magazines including Surf Europe, Cooler, Whitelines, Moto, Sidewalk and many more. If you’re into surfing, skating, snowboarding, BMX or MTB then they have a little something of what you fancy.

And if you fancy reading some of my more wordy articles from the philosophical ‘Could surfing be a religion?’ to the mostly factual ‘4 filthy surf infections’ then get stuck in here.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge of writing for new audiences, and I hope you enjoy these articles too.

There’s more

I’ve got some fresh ideas to brighten the dark winter evenings ahead, including mermaids, charity Xmas gifts and shark whisperers. So watch this space.

If you’ve got any interesting surf news to share or want me to write about anything specific, please get in touch.

Surfing Algarve in Autumn

Algarve Marlon Lipke

Marlon Lipke loves the Algarve
Image source: Joao Bracourt

Autumn in the UK is the perfect time to take a quick surf trip down into Europe. The further you go, the longer you the summer lasts.

Most UK surfers have exploited the French and Spanish beaches that soak up waves from the Bay of Biscay. Some may even have ventured down into Portugal around Ericeira, but did you know it goes off down in Southern Portugal?

The coasts of South Portugal, better known as the Algarve, have become increasingly popular with adventurous surfers. With cheap flights, warm weather and uncrowded waves it’s a more obvious choice than you first think.

Mother nature has equipped the Algarve with two different coasts, west and south, which expands the clean-wave opportunities. Whether you’re looking for big, small, long or short waves – the Algarve and its long list of surf beaches offer waves for all levels. There’s also a tempting array of secret spots waiting to be discovered by intrepid surf explorers.

Throughout the year this southern region of Portugal is blessed with summertime temperatures. That means when it’s getting cold and the leaves are falling in the UK, it rarely drops below 20 °C in the Algarve.

Still not convinced? Check out these visual treats:

Algarve Secret Spot

Algarve Secret Spot
Image source: Joao Bracourt

Algarve South coast

Algarve South Coast
Image source: Joao Bracourt

Algarve Surf shorebreak

Classic Algarve shorebreak
Image source: Joao Bracourt

Algarve surf Amado Strand

Multiple choice at Amado Strand
Image source: Danny Bastiaanse

Always on the road: Surf’s up at the Algarve, Portugal from Oliver Schrott Kommunikation

This is how Surfer Dads roll

dad and child surfing

Share the stoke with your kid
Photo by David Quick/

With only a few weeks left of sunshine and warm water in the UK, I want to motivate all you Surfer Mums and Dads to get your kids in the water before winter.

So here’s 3 of my favourite family surf videos to inspire you:

Raised on waves

Nolan and Tyler

The Flying Squirrel