My Sixties Surfer Dad

The original surfer dad

The original Surfer Dad

I never knew I had a Surfer Dad. I was born in Margate, a place known for cockles and made famous by Chas & Dave, not rideable waves.

As a young train driver in London, my Dad read dogeared imports of Surfer, rather than Playboy. He let loose to The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones, not the Beatles.

During the ‘summer of love’ my Dad went on surf trips, instead of acid trips. Back then it was a 10 hour drive from London to Cornwall along narrow country lanes, so it was always an adventure.

However, my Dad never mastered the surfer/father balancing act. To be fair, we did live in Kent (my Dad still does), he had 2 sons and he got battered by the winter of discontent.

It wasn’t until I became a serious surfer that my Dad told me he was a surfer too. At first I didn’t believe him, but then he showed me these:

Wetsuits are for wimps

Wetsuits are for wimps!

seventies surfboard quiver

Classic 70s surf quiver and haircuts

Watergate Bay convertible MG

Watergate Bay, my Dad and his beloved MG

surfing uk 1960s

My Dad surfing 60s style

small waves vintage surfing

After a ten hour drive you’d surf anything

seventies wipeout

A pre leash wipeout


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    Awesome story, my dad wasn’t a surfer so I have no idea where I got the passion from. We’re trying to spread the passion by getting more landlocked people to the beach for surf lessons. Check out the website, you may be surprised how close the nearest surf beach is!

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